Isn't it possible to use Applet with swing due to the abolition of JAVA Applet?
I have been working with JAVA as a hobby, and currently this site
Please tell us if you can't use Applet even in native apps like this. Please write if there is a lack of information.

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    Looking at the official reference (java SE9), it is written deprecated. In other words, Swing's applet (javax.swing.JApplet) is likely to be abolished at the same time. (In Java 11)
    It's inevitable that the parent class java.applet.Applet will be abolished.

    So, I think it's okay to use it with the current information.
    Swing itself will not be abolished (it is stated that support will continue in the future).

    I wrote

    , but the past libraries are not going to disappear from the world all at once, and if you use it only for your hobbies, you can continue to use Java SE8 after taking thorough vulnerability countermeasures Well then. At your own risk.