The following error occurs every time you start the terminal.

Last login: Thu Aug 23 22:07:14 on ttys000
-bash: export: `export PATH ="/Users/home/.rbenv/shims: ${PATH} "
export RBENV_SHELL = bash
source '/usr/local/Cellar/rbenv/1.1.1/libexec/../completions/rbenv.bash'
command rbenv rehash 2>/dev/null
rbenv () {
  local command
  command = "$1"
  if ["$#" -gt 0];then
  case "$command" in
  rehash | shell)
    eval "$(rbenv" sh- $command "" [email protected] ")" ;;
    command rbenv "$command" "[email protected]" ;;
} ': not a valid identifier
-bash: rbenv: command not found
-bash: rbenv: command not found
Username-no-MacBook-Air: ~ home $

Probably trying to try Ruby on Rails a few months ago
I think it's a remnant of something that was left unattended at the point of installation ...

Is this error, or trying to insert another in Composer
-bash: composer: command not found
I am in trouble with being returned.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to deal with it (command).

  • Answer # 1

    In the home folder, press the command key, the shift key and the dot key at the same time (display hidden files) → Open the .bash_profile in the text editor → Delete error text → Overwrite save process no longer gives an error.
    Thank you for your answers and advice!

  • Answer # 2

    Summary of .bash_profile and .bashrc
    Let's check if there is any extra description

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