I want to use Bitbucket webhooks!

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I want to use Bitbucket cloud webhooks, but it doesn't work.
The destination URL for webhooks is a server at home.
Specify the title and URL of the server (including the domain acquired by MyDNS) in"Add webhook" ;, but it indicates "404 Not Found" and the hook has not reached safely.

Server URL

I tried the following URLs one by one.
The domain name of the server is specified with MyDNS.
In order to watch the repository with RedMine, a repository directory was created under the redmine directory and cloned from bitbucket with ssh.

The server response contained information such as Apache.
It seems that the server has been reached because it matches the environment I built.

Please lend us your wisdom.

  • Answer # 1

    It is

    https, but SSL says that self-certification cannot be used. It seems to have to skip SSL authentication.

    Here's how to view the Request Log on Bitbucket.

    Is my server firewall OK?

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