I am trying to make the same program as the above site. (However, I want to put it on the server side, not local)
How should I specify the path when placing the server.sever.js file created on the server side anywhere?

For example, lollipop database information (the following are all temporary values)
Server mysql*..lolipop.lan
Database LAA1234567-ABC
User name LAA1234567
Password 7654321

Since I'm on the server side, I think I'll put the file on the server side (I'm sorry if this is wrong). At that time, FTP location is
Sever.js in the AAA/BBB/CCC folder.


We searched a lot of sites and tried and errored, but we didn't consider the specification method.

  • Answer # 1

    Looking at the Lollipop site, only PHP seems to work.
    So, I think that the js file for Node.js does not work.
    In the first place, it is for homepage and blog use, so use as a game server will not be considered.

    In addition, unlike PHP, accessing js for Node.js directly does not work.

    From this question, I feel that I don't even know how to use Node.js.
    First of all, we recommend that you create a Linux virtual environment with VirtualBox and try it.