For example, there are many cases where I want to write code immediately, such as copying and rewriting the code posted on the website.

I used Atom and SublimeText until now, but I can start writing in about 2 steps.
You can start writing the above two without having to decide the file name.

PhpStorm starts writing after determining the project and file name as shown below.

  1. Select Create New Project on the Welcome to PhpStorm screen
  2. Select Create on the New Project screen
  3. Select File → New → PHPFile
  4. Select File name on the Create New PHP File screen and select OK

Is there an easier way to start writing on PhpStorm?

I personally think that there is only a way to create projects and files that can be written immediately.

Please let me know if you know m (__) m

  • Answer # 1

    What are the combinations of the two plug-ins below?



    Scratch plug-in is a plug-in that allows you to create and edit files that cannot be created in a project. (The entity has a dedicated directory in the Config directory of PhpStrom itself.)

    The 3v4l plugin transfers the php file being edited to an online PHP execution environment called 3v4l and executes it.

    So when combined,

    Create a scratch PHP file with Scratch | Edit

    Transfer to 3v4l with 3v4l plugin

    Run on 3v4l.org

    The flow

    can be molded.