I am a member of society.
Is there a recommended place to study programming with friends?
Please let me know if you have any.
※ I ask outside the home.
I would like a place where the following conditions are met.・ Can use the Internet ・ Can talk face-to-face with other people.・ Let's stay for a long time (3 hours or more)

The question was unclear and we received many comments.

Since I live in the city center, the shared office was the best for me.

Thank you for the helpful comments from other respondents.

We will refrain from such questions in the future.

  • Answer # 1

    There is a rental space
    I use it for a lot of things, and there is Wifi, so I think it would be pretty good if I had money

  • Answer # 2

    Personal use like a shared office.

    * This is not a promotion, so it is not linked

    In any case, if the Internet environment is complete, you can talk with other people and use it for a long time, it will be free.
    It depends on the region.

  • Answer # 3

    A karaoke box with Wifi if you don't bother others when you are talking. You should be able to display PC images on the monitor.

  • Answer # 4

    Check out the public facilities (such as public halls and libraries) in your town
    If you offer free wifi, why not rent a conference room?
    It can be used for a long time in a closed room with many people, low cost
    If you need to register as a group, you can make a group of friends with friends and acquaintances with the appropriate number of heads. Many people may not even know that a public hall can be used until late at night
    Since it can be used until 22:00 in my hometown, I use it for various event meetings even on the way home from work
    Nowadays you can make reservations online and it is convenient.

  • Answer # 5

    Sometimes called "Mokumoku-kai", "You just get together and work on each other, there isn't much that everyone is doing" There is one form of study group.

    If time and place are convenient, you may want to participate.

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