I want to start developing Android games using Kotlin and Android Studio.
Java is almost like a beginner, and Kotlin will start learning for the first time.


When learning Kotlin, I purchased the "Kotlin Start Book" and looked through it.
I read a little, and Kotlin is a JVM language and I feel thatbasic knowledge of Javashould be used for learning.

I would like to create this development earlier due to my own personal circumstances, but when that happened, I did "Create Java from scratch" rather than "Study Java->Create with Kotlin" Is it easier for beginners to swallow and produce easily?

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    Create early due to personal

    If you are a beginner, Java is a better way to get information from the net
    In some cases, Java code can be converted directly to Kotlin.
    (Not all can be converted)
    However, it is more important to master the API, and Java with more information is better in that sense


    Android game development

    I don't know what the game is, but if it's a 2D or 3D game
    It may be better to use Unity etc.