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I switched DNS for server relocation, but it didn't work.
Can you give me more detailed advice?

Premises and phenomena

The site managed by WP of the domain called hoge.com has been moved to the server.
Therefore, I switched the DNS, but it does not connect to the new server.
(The switching was done by the server management company.)


・ hosts file setting
If i point to a new server, it will be displayed without problems.
However, if you remove the setting, all old servers will be displayed.

-WP site address setting on the new server
Site address setting etc.
From hoge.com to www.hoge.com
Changed and confirmed the display.

Although the image link will be broken,
We were able to confirm that it was connected to the new server at www.hoge.com.
At this time, it was confirmed that it was possible to connect without setting the hosts.

Browsing after deleting the cache
When checking the browsing environment of us and staff,
I deleted and verified the cache,
The old server will still be displayed.

Supplemental information

The domain setting for the new server is
Domain name: hoge.com
Use www.hoge.com as an alias

If i have any points that should be confirmed, please let us know.

  • Answer # 1

    I don't have information on how many hours ago,
    nslookup Domain name to check DNS server name managed by domain
    dig Domain name to check @DNS server name managed by domain
    You can check how the registration is done on the DNS server you are managing.
    If it is correct, it should be fine.

  • Answer # 2

    The DNS setup takes a few days to reach the end. Is that all right?

    If I pull the domain IP, will it come out properly?