I want to calculate EMA (exponential smoothing moving average) using pandas and NumPy of Python3.

I would like to derive the 14-day EMA of the high, low, and closing prices from the cryptowatch API and dividing them by 3, ie (high + low + closing price)/3. It won't be what I expected ...
How can I change the code?

Error message

The numbers will come out ...

print ("ema:% s"% get_ema ())

The result that came out is this ↓. It's not a number I want to ask for, and it's also a mystery why data is in 1.

esa: 1 6713.39881
Applicable source code

`` `

Tried I tried adding

.values ​​[0] etc., but it didn't work with the following error ...
'numpy.float64'object has no attribute'ewm'numpy