Simple, but I use the following.

  • PHP
  • FuelPHP
  • AWS S3 (file upload destination)
  • Amazon Linux (EC2 instance OS)

We want to create a function that automatically uploads a file to AWS S3 and automatically detects whether there is a virus infection using a batch file.
* From uploading to completion of virus detection, we would like to do it within one hour at the latest.

Automatically detect if there is a virus infectionI'm wondering what service to use and how to use this part.

After examining various things, the following two methods were found.

  • VirusTotal API
  • Serverless (Lambda, S3) Antivirus (ClamAV)

Because both are free of charge, performance is a concern when it comes to actual service operations.

Are you aware of a paid service that has an API and can detect viruses?
Anyone who knows other than the above methods for virus detection of uploaded files.
I would like to borrow wisdom.

  • Answer # 1

    Synchronous file synchronization with QNAP NAS and virus detection. QNAP's virus detection software is probably ClamAV, and if it is a commercial detection software, search on Windows connected to the NAS.