I'm a program beginner. I wanted to study Ruby on Rails and I followed the various steps written on the net to build a development environment, but it didn't work, so I gave up and wanted to study javascript, but the Ruby on Rails environment Is it okay to leave homebrew or ruby ​​installed to build? Is it inconvenient or heavy if I install multiple languages ​​on my computer (macbookpro13-inch)? I would be grateful if you could tell me.

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    There is nothing wrong with leaving it alone.


    Is it inconvenient or heavy?

    If you feel that something is inconvenient or heavy, just sort out the contents.

    Nevertheless, I decided to switch to JavaScript because I was frustrated with building the environment for Ruby, but recently, JavaScript is also being built locally, so if you start studying how to make it modern, you will have a similar environment to Ruby. You need to build it.
    I think it ’s probably the same.

    , "codewars" is recommended for those who are frustrated by the environment construction.
    Please try it because it is fun.
    It's free and there is no need to build an environment. It will be completed on the web.

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