I want to build a database using an AlwaysOn Availability Group for SQL Server.

The procedure is
① Install WindowsServer, SQLServer
② Network and firewall settings
③ Construction of AD
④ Construction of WSFC (each server)
⑤ SQL Server settings

Although we have done so far, it is clogged with AlwaysOn enabled.

I don't know why it comes out because all the versions and fixes are up to date.
The cluster connection is also online and there are no errors as far as we can see.

■ Structure
・ 2 web servers
WindowsServer2016 Datacenter

・ 2 SQL Servers → [Correction]
WindowsServer2014 Datacenter
SQLServer2012 R2 Datacenter

-1 ActiveDirectory server
windowsServer2016 Datacenter

Thank you for everyone.

・ 2 SQL servers
WindowsServer2012 R2 Datacenter

  • Answer # 1

    I think that the Datacenter edition of SQL Server has been abolished since version 2012. Is the system configuration exactly as described?

    The AlwaysOn high availability feature is unique to the Enterprise Edition. I think it ’s better to check this just in case (just a mistake in writing…).

    For 2014, we will post a site with preconditions just in case.

    AlwaysOn Availability Group Prerequisites, Limitations, and Recommendations (SQL Server 2014)