What is the recommended way to edit a Swift program with a few people? Until now, it was shared with push&pull using git, but is there any problem if you simply put the project folder in Gogle drive or DropBox and share it? I felt that it would take some time to prepare git, but by the way, because it is an application using AWS, I can share my AWS account. I don't know how git works, but I've shared it with AWS and git before.

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    Making private repositories on github and gitlab and sharing them is the easiest and easiest.
    I at all good to do in Gogle drive and DropBox, they are there is no not feel like different than the one managed by intended to merely save the document

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    I felt that it would take some time to prepare git

    If it takes time to make Git available on the Internet, you can use GitHub (free if you want to publish) or BitBucket (free even if it is private for up to 5 people). .
    I recently learned that backlogs run by Japanese companies are free for up to 10 people per project.

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    I would like to answer Git. That will change even if you share it with some storage.

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    Reference Information

    Announced "Visual Studio Live Share". Multiple programmers share code editing, breakpoints, debugger operations, etc. in real time. Connect ();2017

    I'm a pair pro using Visual Studio Live Share

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    Recommended is git.
    You can use git management with AWS code commit, gitlab with AWS, or github private.

    When using a shared folder, it is difficult to return to the previous state because the history cannot be obtained.