I want to solve:
I want to upload an original theme at Word Press, but it is not uploaded

I want to upload mytheme

The contents of mytheme

Will index.php, style and image files not be uploaded? (However, I created the file according to the textbook.)

I would appreciate your teaching.

Additional ZIP file ]

I added "mytheme" to the post-ZIP theme, but it wasn't possible

  • Answer # 1

    I don't know at all, but it's not zip.
    WordPress only recognizes zip files as themes.
    Explain the causes and solutions when you cannot upload a theme in WordPress
    It is refreshing if you don't show what and what error messages you get.

  • Answer # 2

    Where is WordPress installed?
    Where did you prepare the "Server that operates WordPress"? local?
    In style.css instead of style?
    If the image is to be displayed in the theme area, rename the file to screenshot.jpg (.png/.gif).

    In the first place, I'm not sure if it's "I can't upload" or "I can't apply it (I don't recognize it as a theme)".
    The question can be edited, so please improve it.

    Wordpress itself is running on the server.
    I don't know how it is written in textbooks, but for now I just need to upload what I created from the management screen.

    Select "zip" from "Add New Theme" on the management screen → Install Now
    (If you want to activate it, "Activate")

    Oh, before that, please refer to https://pc-karuma.net/windows-10-show-explorer-file-name-extension/ and make the extension visible.
    Isn't it index.php.php?
    All you need is "index.php", "style.css", and "screenshot.jpg".

    Also, if you upload via FTP, you can do it without zip, but you need information on connecting to the server.
    If you put it in the server management screen (not the WordPress management screen), I think that you can get FTP information, and if you think about the future, I think that it is better to add knowledge about this.

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