I did not work, but I will ask you a question.

First thing I tried

-jupyter notobook Change the shortcut folder "Work folder" from "C: \ Users" to the directory I want to change. Also remove %% of linked pages
・ Create `` jupyter_notebook_config.py '' in C: \ Users \ UsersName \ .jupyter, and change `` # c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir = '' in it to `` c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir ="Directory I want to change"'' I wanted to change it to

That's why you didn't create a config file first.

The first method was impossible, so I investigated further. Then, from the Anaconda prompt, run "jupyter notebook --generate-config" to create a config--a page that comes out comes out ...

Even if you type that command, jupyter_notebook_config.py was not created in ~/.juypter. Huh.

It is created in a completely unrelated folder. This (config). When you type the command, "Writing default config to: C: \ Users \ UserName \ AppData \ Roaming \ irrelevant folder \ .jupyter \ jupyter_notebook_config.py" is created. Is it necessary to specify a place to create this? Or can it be set manually? I'm sorry to say that you should rewrite the contents on the assumption that every site can be created as usual with this command.

I tried porting it because the contents were written properly (a lot of characters that I do not understand) even in files generated in this unrelated place, but this configuration file I don't say I don't read it ...

Furthermore, while I'm confused, my home directory has changed to "D: \ Documents" (this is not the target folder!) ...

There is no page written about when config could not be created in ~/.juypter, and I know that ignorance like me should not be used in this situation, but I will ask you a question . "How can I change my home directory in Jupyter Notebook?"

I don't think this is enough to get an answer. I'm sorry, but I would like you to ask me whenever I have the necessary information. I ’m a beginner, so I ’m sure you ’ll see something unsightly. Thank you.

  • Answer # 1

    Are you sure you want to change the location of the Jupyter Notebook config file?

    You can change it by settingenvironment variableJUPYTER_CONFIG_DIR.

    By the way, the current config file location is from the console

    jupyter --path
    You can check it with


    Also, the config file that is actually loaded is the Jupyter Notebook with the-debugoption

    jupyter notebook --debug
    Check it by starting it up like