I installedPostgres9.6.9on a test laptop.

By command

psql -U postgres

and type

psql (9.6.9, server 9.5.4)

is displayed, and it seems thatPostgres9.5.4was installed on this PC before, and I am going to see9.5.4I understand that.
How can you keep the old version and make the version i am looking for the new9.6.9?

  • I want to create a test environment on my laptop (Windows7).
  • Postgres9.6.9 installed.
  • Postgres9.5.4 was already installed.
  • If i log in with the
  • command, it will be (9.6.9, server 9.5.4).
  • I don't want to delete the old version.
  • I want to see the new 9.6.9.
  • Answer # 1

    Coexistence is possible. Postgres is installed mainly for version upgrades.
    If there is a previous version folder in the installation folder, it will be inherited.
    Therefore, please install the installation folder clearly.
    It seems that there is no data folder dedicated to 9.6 (refer to 9.5).

    I often do a separate folder for each version, such as \ pstgres \ 9.4, \ pstgres \ 9.5, and install it in a different location from the OS drive.
    Use the bundled PGADMIN in each version or use a higher version.
    * If you refer to the upper DB in the lower version, the server status etc. will continue to emit "incompatible" errors frequently.