I use it myself, but I don't understand it.
At first, it was an image of a template that was a collection of CSS and JS that could create a beautiful and modern site even for people who do not know web design, but when examining it, it is rather responsive than such an external template I've also felt that web pages can be easily realized. Along with that, I felt that someone just made a modern design template such as a so-called grid layout.

Later, I wrote earlier that CSS and JS are aggregates. Is BootStrap moving in any other way?
If i drop a template for the CSS and JS aggregate, files with extensions other than CSS and JS will be attached, bootstrap with framework (rails and .NET MVC) etc. Because bootstrap is installed first as a plug-in when using it. . . If it is just CSS or JS, I feel like I just need to copy and paste to the corresponding file. . . Thank you.

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    The other half is explained in detail in the first half, so let's read it and explain the second half.


    Later, I wrote earlier that CSS and JS are aggregates. Is BootStrap moving in any other way?

    Bootstrap itself is distributed in CSS and JS, but in order to create a Bootstrap, various things are moved.


    If you drop the template for the aggregate of CSS and JS, files with extensions that you have never seen other than CSS and JS will be attached, bootstrap framework (rails and .NET MVC Since bootstrap is first installed as a plug-in when used in) etc. . . If it is just CSS or JS, I feel like I just need to copy and paste to the corresponding file. . . Thank you.

    I would like you to see contemporary front-end development from a broader perspective.

    "Files with extensions that I have never seen" may include .scss, .map, or .md, .json, .yaml, .lock, etc. Yes, it is used to create and debug .css and .js that will be distributed as the final product of Bootstrap.
    The CSS and JS distributed as Bootstrap are not written by hand. It is only generated by the build tool. Also, when you change it, you don't get it directly. So, depending on how you use it, it doesn't mean that you can copy and finish.

    For more information about these things, you can refer to pages such as "Theming Bootstrap" and "Build tools" on the official website.

    (Note that Rails is a little different, Rails needs to generate HTML for Bootstrap, or there is a situation on the Rails (Ruby) side in the installation, and it is made into a library by the thought that I want to automate (This is a little different from Bootstrap or front-end development.)

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    The essence is misunderstood.

    The most important feature of the CSS framework is to "make it possible to write without worrying about differences in specifications between browsers."

    There are the following features "on that". (V.4)


    Bootstrap is an open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS.Quickly prototype your ideas or build your entire app with our Sass variables and mixins, responsive grid system, extensive prebuilt components, and powerful plugins built on jQuery.

    The template is "created using Bootstrap functions" correctly and does not refer to Bootstrap itself.
    In addition, the file group required to use Bootstrap is only "(html) + CSS + JS".

    This information can be found on the official website.

    I didn't understand what I wanted to hear in the second half of the question. We recommend that you read the official website and reorganize and update it.

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    When I tried to explain it, "When I prepared a material set that could easily implement parts and layouts that are often used on web pages, they were made on the premise of responsive design. Is responsive, easy? "
    By installing Bootstrap, it is possible to create parts and layouts that are difficult to implement even for beginners of HTML simply by copying and editing the sample code.

    It is easy to install because it only reads the necessary files, but if you try to realize the design you want based on Bootstrap, you will understand the CSS of Bootstrap and implement the difference, so it is Technology is necessary.


    I wrote a CSS/JS aggregate, but is BootStrap moving in any other way?

    Cass and JS can be used just as they are, but if you can use Sass, for example, you can customize colors, margins, sizes, corner shapes, etc. by changing variable values.

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    That's right.
    Even if the same web page is viewed from different devices, it is necessary to respond with a small amount of code (responsible)
    You can customize the theme color using css meta language such as sass, but it will be exported to CSS/JS file after all.
    However, if you want to make the art side elaborate, bootstrap is not enough.

    If you can't spare the man-hours of art (such as creating a website only with programmers), if you use bootstrap for the time being, the site design will be unified and look like that, so this is meaningful Isn't it?

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    I feel like I can easily create responsive web pages


    The framework is not limited to CSS frameworks such as BootStrap. Whatever is PHP, Java, or anything, it doesn't mean that something will be created on its own.
    The framework is just the foundation for creating something, and the templates that are overflowing in the world are created based on that framework, not the actual entity of the framework itself.
    There are always specifications and processing built into the template, not the functions of the framework.

    If you make it according to the rules of the framework, you will only be able to create something, and you will only have to make it.
    Certainly, using the same thing may seem like a similar one, but if you look closely it is often "because you use the same template".

    I think it's good to understand that the framework is a collection of parts, and the template is a good (and well-placed) arrangement of the parts.