Paste a link to a PDF file in the page with WordPress, and when a visitor tries to view the file by clicking on the link, it will not move directly to that file, but only an advertisement for a few seconds How can you make the file look like after a few seconds after the page transitions?
For example, if a visitor sees a PDF file on your site, the specified page is displayed for a few seconds or specified so that an advertisement is displayed for a few seconds when watching a video on YouTube I want to display an image. What should I do?
It will be a question that is thrown away, thank you.

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    It's not a WordPress feature.

    Normally, when you open a page, you will create a program that displays a pop-up screen with JavaScript and closes it after a time with a timer.

    If you look for it, you will find many things, but I will write as much as there was at the top of the search, so try it out.

    How to display a popup window using JavaScript