A person who can make sample programs in textbooks with Rails or Javascript.
I started learning React now.

I would like to create a site where tickets can be purchased by displaying a seat map as shown in the following page.

The following information was entered in each seat, but do you mean that each seat is assigned an id and managed?
<circle data-component ="svg__seat"id ="GEYTUMJRHIYQ"class ="seat"data-seat-name ="1"cx ="5483.7"cy ="1021.89"r =" ;28"data-reactid =". $s_38 = 2GEYQ. $_ 0. $GEYTUMJRHIYQ"></circle>

The following page is a WordPress plug-in.
Can I make the following functions to register a seat map with React?

Seat chart registration reference:

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    I'm sorry, the question was too vague.
    I will learn more and ask more specific questions

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