I am a complete beginner.

I would like to create a reservation system that allows two people at remote locations to operate both sides. I don't know how much I can read to learn how to write a book at a bookstore.

・ It looks like a calendar
・ First, set a day that can be reserved and a day that is not possible.
-On the b side, one day can be selected from those set as possible. Once selected, it will automatically be unavailable for 30 days from that date.
-A notification from the a side is displayed in a separate frame. Approval button next to duration and message. If b presses approval, the reservation cannot be made for that period. In addition, it is possible to enter the date without being automatically adapted to the 30-day reservation impossible only once. The second time, the 30-day impossibility is automatically entered again.

  • Answer # 1

    If it is easy to start, is it a web system?
    Mainly Javascript. Considering the times, Node.js, HTML and CSS are essential.
    Hosting services such as Heroku and Firebase that can use Web, DB, etc.

    We recommend that you check the information as appropriate.
    It is important to understand the characteristics of each language and its framework.

    I don't know even if I browse through a bookstore. It is important to actually buy, make and learn the real thing.
    First, get used to making simple Todo etc. with Javascript and framework (no data storage)
    Making it possible to save data in Firebase ...
    Studying page switching and routing ...

    If you recommend

    , you can make it.

    Finally, it's a situation where you start studying from scratch, so it will take some time, but let's proceed one by one

  • Answer # 2

    Since you can divide the tasks, let's go one step further and make it happen only for each task.

    Try just displaying the calendar

    Try setting each date to "Reservable" or "Not Reservable" and saving it

    Try to display the contents saved in "2."

    Try to create a mechanism that allows a and b to log in
    ...... I feel like that.

    The question "what to study" cannot be answered because it varies depending on the environment you want to operate.
    (Do you want to do it on a web page? Do you want to do it on a Windows application? Do you want to do it on iOS? ...)

    But considering what you want to do, I think it's better to learn how to create a web application with PHP, Python, etc.