Development environment: Visual Studio 2017
OS: Windows 7

A security error warning pops up because of the oleore certificate on the site where you log in.
(This display can't be helped.)

Error details
There is a problem with this website's security certificate

When this pop-up message appears, you need to select "Yes (Y)", "No (N)", or "Display Certificate (V)".
Currently, it is described by entering "Y" in sendkey.

But can you tell me if there is another good way?
If ScriptErroesSuppressed is set to True, the site itself cannot be displayed due to an error. If there is a different method, thank you.

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    Self-signed certificate in production? Did you build a system like that from Germany or Germany?
    I want to be the top gate in the city.


    Is it better to use WebClient instead of WebBrowser?
    One way to pass through the check for bad certificates is to forcibly pass a callback that raises an exception, for example referring to the following article.

    How to avoid untrusted certificates in SSL communication? [C #, VB, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5] | @IT

    WebClient is easier to download later. surely.