We make a portfolio with WordPress.
I would like to upload the web pages (HTML, CSS) that I created.

In that case, will it be created with multi-sites?
Or isn't it suitable for WordPress creation? please tell me.

If i have any recommended books, please let me know.

  • Answer # 1

    Since wordpress is like a blog generation tool, it seems that it is not suitable for listing sites with different appearances/contents in multiple sites.
    Basically, it seems to be a format that dynamically loads content into a one-source site written in PHP, so it may be necessary to rewrite the pages created so far so that they can be displayed via Wordpress

    You can use a page created with Wordpress as a portal site, but you don't have to throw your work into Wordpress. (∵ Domain power is likely to increase)

    In addition, how about a "work", including the devices around it?

  • Answer # 2

    If the WEB page you created is made with HTML and CSS, create a directory for each group, and the portfolio site created with WordPress is the "Links" How about treating it?
    You want to create a "working web page", not a "image" like an illustrator or designer?