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I'm running a ZABBIX server (including Web/DB) on a virtual server or container using vagrant or Docker.
The Web console cannot be accessed because of private IP address conflicts.

I would like to know how to troubleshoot in such cases.
Below is what you did yourself.

  • Execute ifconifig on the host OS and confirm the network segment to which you belong (assuming
  • Try to ping an IP address that will not exist in the same network segment ( or nobody will use it!)
  • As a result of ping, there seemed to be no problem, so edit the vagranfile and start a new virtual server

I'm not familiar with the network, so I'd be happy if someone could tell me.
If information is missing, add it.

  • Answer # 1


    Is there a conflict with private IP addresses?

    How did you check this?
    I think that it will not compete because the network can usually be done in Docker ...

    It may be easy to answer if you let us know Docker's host OS.
    BecauseDocker for MacandLinux Dockerhave different network configurations.

  • Answer # 2

    When starting a new virtual machine, instead of your own machine,
    Is there any reason why you are going to get a new IP address for the router?

    For example, Vagrant relies on VirtualBOX (which can be anything else if you have a plug-in) to create a virtual machine, but
    When VirtualBOX is installed, a virtual LAN should be built in your machine so that the host machine can act as a parent ≒ router.
    I think that it will come out if you examine it by how to write Vagrantfile, so please investigate.

    Although this question is probably a work environment,
    If the IP addresses are scattered enough to cause a collision within the LAN, there may be a network administrator who manages the IP addresses.
    If that is the case, it would be against the rules for you to occupy the IP address yourself.

    If you have an IP address manager at your workplace, please consult with them.
    Since "starting ZABBIX server (including Web/DB)" is a valid reason, it should be approved in two replies.