I'm developing an iphone/Android application. I want to add a credit card payment function to my application. Can I make my own without having to cooperate or apply to a bank or credit card company?

Thank you for teaching because i am a beginner! !

  • Answer # 1

    When you publish in each app store, you will use the payment corresponding to that store.
    Payment by any other method should be forbidden by the rules (not sure in detail).

    The definition of "self-made" is unknown, but if you want to "settlement in your own way", you should not do it for the above reasons.
    (It may be okay if you distribute it as a stray application on Android, but please do it at your own risk)
    If you just want to make a payment, you will be charged for the store structure, so there is no need to collaborate or apply to a bank or credit card company.

    Please check the implementation method yourself.

  • Answer # 2

    Looks like this!