A beginner studying Python, Github, and Pycharm.
To create a web application using Pycharm as an editor and Django as a framework,
The tutorial is currently in progress. However, the relationship between these three tools is still not fully understood. The relationship between Pycharm⇔Github and Pycharm⇔Django is somehow understood.
Do you know how to commit code written in Pycharm to Github, and use Django and Pycharm while working together? I understand how.
I don't understand the organic relationship between Pycharm⇔Github⇔Django.

With Django
If i do django-admin.py startapp (name), a template directory and file will be created on Pycharm.init.py, admin.py, models.py, etc.
Do I have to put all these template files on Github?

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    It depends on what you want to use GitHub for, but

    I want to run the Django project in another environment (another machine)

    I want to manage a set of sources on GitHub

    If it is something like

    , I think that it is normal to manage it with GitHub including the template created with the django command. For example, if you don't have models.py in the git pull source on your machine, your Django project will fail.

    On the other hand, there are files that should not be managed on GitHub. Data and files that are generated when the Django app is started. Such files are intentionally excluded from source control by writing them in a file called.gitignore.

    Please refer to the following URL to see what files are generally excluded.