Goal: Want source control in FileMaker
How are you managing? Please give us your opinions and suggestions.

Current Status:
1. Who and when in FileMaker files (adding scripts and screen layouts, etc.)
I don't know if I went or modified it.
2. Because the backup file is not saved and the modified file is deleted
There is no past data.

I want to see changes continuously.
(I want to be able to follow the contents of the file in chronological order.)

Current development environment
・ FileMaker13 ~ 15
・ Win8.1

Current proposal
In FileMaker, the backup method is to copy the file
I think that it is the easiest, but if you manage the source with HTML of "Database Design Report"
I'm thinking about it.
Source control in HTML with Subversion
Enter "Request No.", "Title", "Modification", and "Remarks"
Manage who modified what and when

Because it is fluffy and must be dropped from now on
I would like to ask for your help.
I'm new to touching FileMaker for about a month, so I don't know much yet.
I am studying every day, so thank you.