I have a question about uploading data to Linux.

[I want to achieve]

  1. On Windows, use a task scheduler to periodically start a Python script, perform certain data calculations, and convert the data to CSV.
  2. Upload the obtained CSV to the Linux server.
  3. When uploading to the Linux server is complete, notify the Linux side of the completion.

Can you tell me a good way to notify the completion of data upload to Linux?
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  • Answer # 1

    This is a batch process.

    After uploading the data, it is easy to create a file that has finished uploading and use it as a trigger to execute batch processing.

    After uploading data_20180801-120000.csv, send a file like data_20180801-120000.START, and if there is a file with the same name as CSV and extension .START, the registration program will process data_20180801-120000.csv.

  • Answer # 2

    Is it done with scp, but isn't it possible to start subsequent processes with ssh?

    If you only have the right to upload, you can transfer a small file after the target data transfer and trigger the existence of the small file.