Currently, the content entered in the subform (data sheet) in Access2013 is
The situation is not reflected in the table specified in the record source.
Input 100 records from Excel, copy and paste twice (2 columns: A, B columns), and table
When open, column A reflects the input, but column B is in the no-input state.
(A and B columns are entered on the subform.)
(A column is only alphanumeric characters and "--quote, B column is a mixture of half-width and full-width characters)

* Subform record source does not specify a query, but directly specifies a table.
The table is not a linked table, but a local table of the same MDB.

Supported content
・ After copying and pasting, I entered "RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord" in the subform
It was not reflected.
・ In the BeforeInsert event, "quote" was assigned to column B, but this was not reflected as well.

-For some reason, paste B column first and then paste it into A column.

-When I tried it with Access2010, it was reflected normally.

OS: Windows7

I hope you can borrow your wisdom.

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    I'm sorry.
    Then I found the cause.
    It seems that "quote" is included in the pasted data.
    (The reason why 2010 is OK and 2013 is NG is unknown ...-;)
    "ゞ"will not be used.
    Thank you very much.

    I'm sorry.
    The above did not solve.

    It seems that the transaction that occurs in the automatic (?) finally was bad,
    You can leave the data source blank just before the search process and return the data source after the search is finished
    It was solved.