Toppage->I want to make Mainpage transitions in separate Storyboards.
The following steps were performed using Storyboard Reference.

  1. First, place the Storyboard Reference on the Toppage and select Main.Storyboard.
  2. Next, connect the button placed on the Toppage and the Storyboard Reference.
  3. Check ispage VC on Toppage.

If i execute this, the following error will appear.

error: Toppage.storyboard references the initial view controller of Main.storyboard, but no designated entry point was found.

What does this mean? If i check Main is initial VC, you can build it, but the screen will start from Main.

  • Answer # 1

    TheReference IDof Reference is set to Initial View Controller, but there is no Initial View Controller in Main.Storyboard?


    Initial View Controller or specifyReference ID.


    You can build by checking Main initial is VC, but the screen will start from Main.

    Storyboard used at startup is set inGeneral-Deployment-Main Interfacein the settings.