I have been studying Excel VBA for about a month.

Sentences are generally readable.
However, without a book or anything, if you only have tables and modules, you will not know how to write.

How can I improve?

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    I don't know how to write.
      How can I improve?

    For example, there are five sentence patterns in English.
    Let's keep that basic syntax.

    For procedural programming,
    Three elements of sequential, branching, and repetition are the central structure.
    This was proposed by computer scientists in the 60s and 70s.

    Sequential is only executed in order from the top, so as common sense,
    Combining if statement, for statement, and array
    If you get used to expressing it, the writing will come to mind immediately.

    You can forget other detailed instructions, so check each time.
    It is important to learn how to investigate. And practically have a reverse dictionary.

    These three elements are valid in many other languages, so
    I think that you will not lose your way of thinking.

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    Try to do what you want to do with the automatic macro recording function → Customize it

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    I think that it will improve if you actually use it.

    Sometimes it ’s used by people around me and told me that it ’s terrible
    I think that the desire to create more and more will improve.

    A lot more
    than reading many books and thinking
    I improved by touching samples and coding a lot Isn't it a shortcut? (You can start with money)

    Try a sample like

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    It's been a month since you started, so don't worry so much.
    I think it's quite fine to write while looking at a book. Of course, not just writing, but understanding the contents.
    There is also dojikko-san's way, but if there is an existing VBA program and you are in an environment where you can see it, you may see such an existing program. I think that it is possible to customize it after understanding the contents.
    Which means thattry many programs? Under such circumstances, I think that you will learn how to write and how to think. Also, if you make your own hands, you will gain experience and knowledge.

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    Any environment where you can't see books or the net, if not, you can read the book or use the net (one opinion only)
    I often see people's websites and manuals during work ^^;

    Not only VBA, but to get used to, I think it ’s a big repetition of ①imagepractice.
    ①Image: Clarify what functions you want to create
    ② Practice: Realize ①

    The good thing about VBA is the richness of EXCEL functions, so I think that there are places where it is easier to implement the functions you want to create than in other languages. Other seniors also mentioned, but I think that it is an easy way to get used to writing and touching the code anyway. If you do not understand while you are writing, check it out. I am repeating that now.
    While writing the code, I think it will be even more fun if you understand the feeling of "Oh, I know a little bit of the program!" ^^

    If you get used to the above repetition, you will be able to step up to make the code clean and versatile.

    I hope you find it helpful.