I am a beginner.
I want to study projection mapping.
What should I do first?

I want to use it for company PR! !
Give me an impact.
Agricultural company.

  • Answer # 1


    I want to use it for company PR! !

    You should consult your local advertising agency or specialist company. Depending on the expected scale, it will be a reasonable price. (Millions of yen on a commercial basis)

    Tips on how to reduce the cost of projection mapping

    What is the cost of projection mapping?

    (It is not something that can be done overnight.) Even if it means that you will do your best, it is necessary to add that the projector equipment for projection needs to be quite expensive.

  • Answer # 2

    First, find out how the image projected by projection mapping is created.
    There are places that are projected by projection mapping at Tokyo Disneyland. Please visit it.

    First, let's acquire knowledge about video production. I think that projection mapping can be done with that application.