I want to make a LINE bot that reminds me regularly with Google App Script (GAS).

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LINEbot can be created with the LINE Messaging API, but no matter how much GAS runs, LINEbot does not send text.

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var CHANNEL_ACCESS_TOKEN ='My access token&apos ;;
var USER_ID ='My user ID&apos ;;

function pushMessage () {
var postData = {
'to': USER_ID,
'messages': [{
'type&apos ;:'text&apos ;,
'text':'Good morning&apos ;,

var url ='https: //api.line.me/v2/bot/message/push&apos ;;
var headers = {
'Content-Type&apos ;:'application/json&apos ;,
'Authorization&apos ;:'Bearer'+ CHANNEL_ACCESS_TOKEN,

var options = {
'method&apos ;:'post&apos ;,
'headers&apos ;: headers,
'payload': JSON.stringify (postData),
'muteHttpExceptions&apos ;: true

var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch (url, options);

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Running immediately after reissuing the Webhook URL and access token

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