Thanks for your attention.

I'm sorry for the basic question.

>pushd C: \;ls>test.txt;popd

The contents of ls are stored in C: \ test.txt.
I want to display the owner and group.

Since I've spent time in a Linux environment, I'm very sorry that I'm not familiar with the Windows environment
Is there a way to display the owner and group?

As described in
Can be displayed individually.
If possible, I would like to display the owner next to folders and files listed in ls like Linux.

In such cases as well, it is hard to understand if you don't write it with PowerShell.
Can you tell me the URL of the site you use to study?

I'm very sorry for the busy place, but I will contact you.

  • Answer # 1

    ls displays FileInfo, but FileInfo does not contain owner information.
    Get-Acl. *displays the owner of the file in the current directory.

  • Answer # 2


    PS C: \>Get-Acl C: \ | Select-object @ {Label = "Path";Expression = {Convert-Path $_. Path}}, Owner, AccessToString | Export-Csv C: \ temp \ accesslist.csv

    ls -la on Linux
    WindowsServer is quite complicated, but I hope you get used to it ...