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Form1.cs [Design] can no longer be displayed in C #.
I noticed after touching various things trying to delete the event handler
Form1.cs [Design] can no longer be displayed on the edit screen.
* Displayed during debugging.
Isn't it possible to edit the design screen somehow?

Attached image 1: Form1 icon is for programming only.

Attached image 2: Design screen is displayed during debugging.

Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)

Visual Studio Community 2017 ver: 4.7.02046

  • Answer # 1

    Maybe it ’s not true ...
    I'm curious that there seems to be multiple elements without indentation in the place where the mosaic of Form1.cs is applied.

    In the past (VS version is different),
    If a description of another class is written above the description of the form class (front side in the source file) etc.
    There is a memory that got an error when trying to open the designer.

    If something below (A) or (B) is written, move it to (C) or (D) (or another source file) Will the situation change?

    // (A)
    namespace xxx
      // (B)
      partial class Form1: Form
      // (C)
    // (D)

  • Answer # 2

    First, try creating a new form application and see if the design screen can be displayed
    Will it be possible to display the design screen?