Combining IMPORTRANGE and VLOOKUP functions in Google Sheets
I want to take the value.
First, suppose the following information is in the sheet: information.
(Sheet ID is taken from the URL with a function)

key URL Sheet ID Sheet name
Apple http: // ringo ~~~ IDringo Sales
Bana http: // banana ~~~ IDbanana Purchase
Tangerine http: // mikan ~~~ IDmikan Sales
Strawberry http: // ichigo ~~~ IDichigo Sales
Morron http: // meron ~~~ IDmeron Purchase

Sheet: Apple in A1 cell of apple
Sheet: Banana A1 cell has "Bana" and each key.

= IMPORTRANGE (vlookup (A1, 'information'! A: B, 3, false), vlookup (A1, 'information'! A: B, 4, false)! B1: Z100)

By entering the above function into the B1 cell of the sheet: apple
Sheet ID: IDringo sheet: I thought I could get the value from B1 to Z100 of sales.
It becomes#ERROR!and cannot be retrieved.

Function Is something wrong?
Or is it reckless in the first place?

  • Answer # 1

    The argument of each function is wrong.

    = IMPORTRANGE (vlookup (A1, 'information'! A: D, 3, false), vlookup (A1, 'information'! A: D, 4, false)&"! B1: Z100" )

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