I am currently using Stylus, but I was told that it would be better to unify it into SCSS.

I would like to know in detail the introduction method and how much man-hours it takes, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

I'm really sorry, but I couldn't find it by examining it.

Are there any tools to compile Stylus into SCSS?
When I examined it, there was something to change from SCSS to Stylus, but the reverse was not found.
Isn't it so good to change from Stylus to CSS once via CSS?

I'm sorry. I have been investigating since yesterday, but I am grateful if there is a person who can answer questions as much as possible.

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    Why did that person think that it was better to unify into SCSS?
    I don't know the true meaning of it, but it is already Stylus, so I don't need to convert it to SCSS.

    I will not answer the request for the question, but I think that this is what I am thinking about in terms of operations.

    If the project is developed by a large number of members, SCSS is easier to create rules because there are fewer variations in writing to make the code level the same.
    New members may be easy to do.
    I'm fine with Stylus as well.

    Do you have coding rules for SCSS or Stylus?
    I think it is better to think about the policy after solidifying it.