Self-study on how to handle Xcode sizeClass.
I understand ... I'm going to try it, but if I try it, the design will be completely broken.
Since it will collapse at the stage of designing with iphone8 portrait and landscape, it will not advance to iphone5SE or ipad size in the future.
I want you to tell me about easy-to-understand websites, books, actual methods, and procedures.
Basically, shouldn't the width and height be fixed? Are all relative to other items (in this case label)

Thanks for your question.

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I read and practiced various websites. The representative is as follows.
Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)

OS High Sierra 10.13.6

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    Five labels are displayed. I want to change the spacing between labels as much as possible.

    It can be handled by pasting Constraints.
    Constraint properties can be adjusted with the Property inspector on the right side of Xcode.

    I think the constraint between

    Labels C and D isEqual. Try changing this toLess than or Equal.

    If Labels D and E are not connected by constraints from the bottom of the view, it will be unstable at this point.
    Add a constraint to represent the space from the bottom of Label E and View.

    If the label has an alert that cannot calculate the height, give the height constraint.