[Advance situation]
1. Register 10 test data in Google Form
2. Delete all reflected spreadsheet data
3. Register production data from the same Google form

→→→ Production data is registered from the 12th line without changing the line deleted in 1.

[What you know by investigating]
・ Google Form holds data entered in the past.
・ The data on the Google spreadsheet linked to the Google form is just a copy of the data in the form

I want to delete all data stored in Google Forms

  • Answer # 1

    After investigating various things, I solved myself. Follow the steps below.

    【1】 First, on the Google Form edit screen,
    1. Switch from question tab to answer tab
    2. Press three vertical marks → Select "Delete all answers"
    3.Turn on/off "Reply accepting answers" ​​

    【2】 In the next Google Sheet,
    "Delete line" from the 4.2th line to the last line where data was entered
    * Please delete the row itself, not the cell data

    The garbage data entered for testing is now erased, and the production data is entered cleanly from the second line.

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