There is a WordPress site at http: // aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/that is in operation, and there is a desire to operate WordPerss by lowering the domain name and one layer when transferring the server, http:/When I moved the content to a folder called/bbbbbbbbbbbbbb/hoge /, CSS became ineffective as shown below.

* You can log in and the dashboard is not loaded, but you can use it.

The HTML of the above login screen is as follows.

<! DOCTYPE html>
    <!-[if IE 8]>
        <html xmlns = "http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" lang = "en">
    <! [endif]->
    <!-[if! (IE 8)]><!->
        <html xmlns = "http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" lang = "en">
    <!-<! [endif]->
    <meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = "text/html;charset = UTF-8" />
    <title>gehogeho site/title>
    <link rel = 'stylesheet' href = 'http: //bbbbbbbbbbbbbb/hoge/wp-admin/login.css? version = 4.1.16' type = 'text/css' />
<meta name = 'robots' content = 'noindex, follow' />

I know that the URL specified in the line below is wrong,

<link rel = 'stylesheet' href = 'http: //bbbbbbbbbbbbbb/hoge/wp-admin/login.css? version = 4.1.16' type = 'text/css' />

I would like to change it as follows, but it is automatically generated by "wp-includes \ script-loader.php", but the "wp-includes \ script-loader.php" file itself There is none. (We do not incorporate our own logic.)

<link rel = 'stylesheet' href = 'http: //bbbbbbbbbbbbbb/hoge/wp-admin/css/login.css? version = 4.1.16' type = 'text/css' />

If i don't know why the CSS tag is output, why the path is going wrong, what happened in the same event, or you know how to solve it, you can teach Fortunately.

Server transfer instructions
  1. Move content from source to destination folder
  2. Dump the source MySQL.
  3. Replace the URL of the dumped file from "http: // aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa /" to "http: // bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb/hoge /"
    4. Restore the above modified dump file to the migration destination DB

Only the above work has been done, the CSS on the service side has been read correctly, and the layout has not collapsed. Only the CSS of the management screen is in trouble because it is not loaded properly.

  • Answer # 1

    The solution was done according to the following procedure.

    Initial installation of WordPress

    Move plugins and themes from the source server

    Tweak the program

    The above-mentioned correspondence solved the layout collapse.

  • Answer # 2

    Sorry, not a very kind answer,
    It seems that you are using the SiteGuard plug-in, so why not disable it?
    If you can log in, how can you do it?
    If that is not possible, you can disable it by renaming the plug-in folder temporarily by FTP etc. (This operation is at your own risk ...)

    In addition, why not try the following and add the result to the question?
    ・ Turn on debug mode and check if any errors have occurred
    -Check if there is an error in the browser developer function etc.
    ・ Add information such as PHP version, mySQL version