Selected Present Modally from the kind option of segue and transitioned using presentation FormSheet. Probably the transition screen will be displayed in a pop-up. I think that there is a transition destination view popped up on the transition source view. Is there an animation that transitions to the transition source if the view that popped up from this state is erased?

When transitioning from a screen like this to the view displayed at the back, I would like to make a transition while animating the popup view.

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    Thank you for answering.
    Now that I know how to solve it, I want to share it.

    If you write the following code in the popup view and link the button, you can create an animation that erases the popup view while sliding down when the button is pressed.

    @IBAction func back (_ sender: Any) {
            self.dismiss (animated: true, completion: nil)

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    Do you mean dismiss or unwind segue to go back to the transition source?