VBA beginner.

Now we are creating a time management table, there are books that each person in charge enters in the shared file and accounting books with items added to the same layout in the accounting file.

【For input】
There is a book for each person in the quoted text sharing file, each with a password. When each person in charge completes the input, the manager/department of the department in charge opens each book, checks the check box after confirmation, and the day is over.

At the moment, accounting has pasted each book as a link copy.

I want to transfer the input data to the relevant part of the book in the accounting file when the manager check box of each book is checked, but I do not know how to do it well.

I tried to do macro recording, but I got error '91', and I couldn't even figure out how to deal with it.

1. Files are separate.

2.The accounting file is closed.

3. The book has a password.

Thank you for teaching us under the above conditions.

  • Answer # 1

    I'm sorry for everything.

    I was a VBA beginner and suddenly tried to make something with multiple conditions.
    I want to practice and learn from something that is relatively simple.

    I'm going to use the current process for the time being.

    Thank you very much.

  • Answer # 2

    = Hint =
    VBA error 91 Object variable or With block variable is not set. Describes how to deal with error 91.

    This seems to be a local program problem.

    = Main theme =
    ・ When Mr. A does xx, Mr. B does zzz, so it is necessary to communicate between the person who is working and the person who is working next.
    The system configuration changes depending on whether this delivery is implemented by a program or by email or telephone contact.
    What do you think about this area?

    It is cumbersome to implement "Transfer input data to the relevant part of the book in the accounting file when the manager check box of each book is checked" in the program (accounter (open the accounting file (You can't open the file for each person)
    If the manager has the authority to change the accounting file (accounting file password) when the manager checks the manager's check box of each book in charge, the input data is transferred to the relevant location of the accounting book. I think it is possible with VBA.

    Anyway, please organize what people do and what is VBA.
    And I think that you should think about the composition of the program after considering who should have what kind of authority for each file.