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I asked a question earlier, but I managed to put an image.
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Now we are creating a time management table, there are books that each person in charge enters in the shared file and accounting books with items added to the same layout in the accounting file.

] (07bed9e5a9e16c3dd07e8ca4ff85232e.jpeg)
[Input] is this layout and there is no cell X column.

There is a book for each person in the shared file, each with a password. When each person in charge completes the input, the manager/department of the department in charge opens each book, checks the check box after confirmation, and the day is over.

At the moment, accounting has pasted each book as a link copy.

I want to transfer the input data to the relevant part of the book in the accounting file when the manager check box of each book is checked, but I do not know how to do it well.

I tried to do macro recording, but I got error '91', and I couldn't even figure out how to deal with it.

1. Files are separate.
2. The accounting file is closed.
3. The book has a password.

Thank you for teaching us under the above conditions.

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    I'm sorry for everything.

    Even though I was a VBA beginner, I suddenly tried to make something with multiple conditions.
    I want to practice and learn from something that is relatively simple.

    The current link copy will be supported for a while.

    Thanks for being too reliant in the situation where no one in the company knows about VBA.