Reference site

It's closer to not found than it can't.

The reference site says "Windows"->"other .."->"Data Management"->"Data Source Explorer", but there is no "Data Management".

Thanks for your consideration.

Is sts-3.9.5-RELEASE sts3.9.5? . .
I used the zip that was put on the USB after extracting it to windows (x64).
MySQL etc. are not included.

  • Answer # 1

    The STS package does not include the Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) plug-in, so it is not displayed.

    Since there is a simple explanation below, I think that it will be solved if implemented.

    Add Eclipse Data Tools to Spring Tool Suite (STS)

  • Answer # 2

    "Windows"->"other .."->"Data Management"->"Data Source Explorer", not
    "Windows" → "showView" → "other .." → "Data Management" → "Data Source Explorer"? In STS3.8.1, it will be displayed without any problems.