Enter data in the browser and go through GAS.
I've created a tool to fill in a spreadsheet.
When data is sent by the above method and put into a sheet
onEdit (e) doesn't work well.

Since the tool itself uses GAS, will it not work if input is through GAS? ?

When you put a value directly in the sheet, it works normally.

I wanted to send it to chat work.
I'm not sure how to write onEdit (e) (others?) At this time.

To summarize what I want to do, the data from the browser into a sheet through GAS
I want to create a mechanism that allows notifications to be sent to chat work when entered.

If i have knowledge, please teach me.

I'm sorry for my poor text.

  • Answer # 1

    onEdit ()is a handler for editing a sheet directly.
    Should I skip notifications by extendingdoPost ()?

  • Answer # 2

    As you can see in this answer, onEdit works only during manual editing (the function condition for automatically executing the function named onEdit without specifying a trigger is That's what it is").
    If you set a trigger to change the value and specify onEdit as the function, it will work.

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