I want to be a freelancer as a web engineer

I'm trying to build a career as an engineer.
I want to be active as a freelancer in the future.

The question is, as a career formation to be active as a freelance web engineer in the future

1. Companies that are open to the web (contracted development) (with training, mainly JAVA and C #)
2. A company that is doing WEB (in-house service development) (no training, mainly Rails and PHP)

I'm thinking about either


I think it's ideal to join a company that handles Rails and PHP that is under contract development
It is difficult to join such a company with no experience.

What I am concerned about

For 1 company
Even inexperienced me, in addition to having various training, it seems that the ability as an engineer is going to improve because it is contract development
I'm worried that I can't learn the languages ​​I want to handle, such as PHP, Rails, and Python.

For 2 companies
Languages ​​like PHP and Rails that I want to learn are in an environment where I can learn
Concern that it may be difficult to become a freelance engineer because it is not contract development.


Summarize the main points and what I want to hear

・ Is it difficult for you to become a freelancer if you haven't experienced contract development
・ Experience an open system would be a detour
・ How can you improve your skills by subcontracting while developing your own service?

  • Answer # 1

    What about it?
    For the time being, if you do it for free, the Tokyo metropolitan area is indispensable, and at least the large commercial area around Osaka and Fukuoka is indispensable
    I'll talk about it after that, but

    Java and C # are SI projects.
    Well, even if you go there, you can only do the part, so you can't get technical skills
    I have no background other than going to SI again.

    I've been doing PL for a long time, and I've done PM,
    After all it is advantageous to change jobs at the same SI, but otherwise it is just an inability.

    Successfully, SI-related projects were isolated from engineering that ordinary people think
    It's a superb government office. There is nothing interesting.

    The service system is definitely better if you are just talking about fun.
    If you talk about stability or uncertain physical appearance.

    That alone is the reason to recommend avoiding Java and C #, but
    I'm not going to stop people who want to go there because each person.

    I think I want to do freelance in a different category.

    Japan is a society that is too low and does not allow freedom
    It may be ridiculous outside the aforementioned economic zone.

    So, even if I couldn't do it for free, I was happy to do this job
    I think it's better to move on to those who think.

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