The image below shows a schedule for a timetable creation application, but if you press the + mark on the first page, a timetable creation screen like the second page will appear. I can't figure out how to call this module, but how can I add it in Swift? Instead of screen transitions, it appears up and down like a hop-up. By the way, create a button by entering colors and text on the screen that appears below. I want to be able to display it.

  • Answer # 1

    The quickest way is to set the screen you want to display in the inputview property of UITextField.
    Then you can display the view from below with the same animation as the keyboard display.
    * Reference (display datepicker from below)

    To do this, I think you need the following:
    -UI for displaying keyboard (such as placing a text field in a timetable cell)
    -Add a UI to confirm the value to the screen for adding subjects (screen you want to display from the bottom).

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    This module

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