I would like to create the following web application in Python (Django).

  1. User enters the URL of any web page

  2. The html document or XML document in the input web page is displayed on the client after decoration (highlight etc.) based on certain rules (Function ①)

  3. Display the html document or XML document in the entered web page on the client and click or mouse over a specific word in the document. Display a document or XML document (part of it) in a pop-up window, etc. (Function 2)

Error message

Because of programming beginners, it is difficult to know what code to write for each of function ① and function ②.

For function ①, there was something that could be helpful in JavaScript, but I can't imagine how it would look if written in Python.

For function (1) and function (2), either sample code, literature, or other advice that might be helpful, please let us know.

Sorry for the rudimentary and abstract question, thank you.

  • Answer # 1

    Since Python is a server-side process, I think that both functions ① and ② will be implemented with javascript (client side).
    (If there is a reason and you have to implement ① and ② on the server side instead of the client side, I'm sorry.)

    First, after creating the web application Django + Python that displays the page, it is like implementing functions ① and ② with javascript. (I think that you can implement javascript refill&Jquery fully using features ① and ②)

    I can't say that it's great because I'm still looking for a web server with Django + Python, but I'd better understand the server configuration first.
    Django still has few references in Japan, so it may be a hurdle for beginners.

  • Answer # 2

    The above answer.
    Excuse me for the additional.

    The server side processing is the main,
    I think the following site will be helpful.
    Many features of the Django framework are introduced.
    This is better than buying a Django book.
    Good luck w