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In accordance with the tutorial on this site, we created an iOS app using AWS in the same way with two friends.

The code etc. should be written in exactly the same way, but I made it with a macbook, and when I tried to build the same project on my iMac, I got a shell script invocation error. It was an error that some path was different. However, I was able to build the app project I made in the same way when I sent it to a friend. If the path doesn't pass due to the location of the directory being different and an error occurs, I thought that the error was also made on a friend's PC, but that is not the case, it seems to be a problem in Xcode settings What is the cause?

Also, when I compared a project made by a friend with what I made, the display that appeared when I clicked on the top-level file in the project navigator was different. My friend had only info and Build settings in the upper bar, but I also had General and Capabilities. Also, on the General page, there is an error like No profile for team'GR5DHCQV9E'matching'me.awsmobile.notes-development-profile'(You can build it on your PC) What are these problems?