Also in user accounts
$heroku --version to get version information response

Error message
'heroku' is an internal or external command,
It is not recognized as an operable program or batch file.
Applicable source code
$heroku --version

Control Panel>System and Security>System>Advanced system settings
Add C: \ Program Files \ heroku to>environment variable>system environment variable>path.
Although the version information can be obtained with $heroku --version on the Windows administrator account, the above error message is displayed unchanged on the user account.

Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)


  • Answer # 1

    ①Change user account to administrator account
    >No change in results

    ② Reinstall The Heroku CLI
    >"PATH not updated, original length 1025>1024" is displayed

    ③Control Panel>System and Security>System>Detailed System Settings
    Add C: \ Program Files \ heroku \ bin to>Environment Variables>System Environment Variables>path.

    The reason is unknown but resolved
    against $heroku --version
    Heroku/7.14.1 win32-x64 node-v10.9.0 returned a response.

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