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Currently, we are developing a service that allows users to consult with each other using video calls in Rails applications.
I'm thinking of using WebRTC for video calls, but I'd like to be able to "call" from one user to the other, like Line calls and Skype. (Even if you put your smartphone in sleep mode, you can call it as if you received a call.)

In order to realize the above, we also considered making an application, but this time it is ideal to develop with a web application, so you can tell us what kind of method is possible and impossible with a web application. I am very happy.

There seems to be a service called "Twilio" that allows you to make an IP phone call with Rails, but it was unclear if the user who received the call could start a video call.

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    It is JavaScript rather than Rails, but it can be done with Programmable Video.

    Click here for quick start.

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